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Getting Creative with Typography – the appeal of popular culture

Type designers are not just concerned with the elements of good design. Influence is also sought in the vernacular and every day culture that surrounds. Every once and a while a particular style or movement will affect a designer and a new direction for type is marked. Type with Personality Many innovations in type come

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Font Aesthetics – Simplified

Typefaces have numerous variations. Each with their own set of classifications. This can become confusing… What’s the difference between black, heavy and ultra-black? Or what about the difference between semi-bold and medium? What makes things worse is there exists no standardised naming system for fonts, as a heavy black or ultra does not necessarily specify

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Best Font Stacks – well some of them anyway

As discussed in a previous article; font stacking is basically a list of fall-backs for substitution in case the primary font is not available on the destination computer. This erroneous option of font delivery is best used in combination with other methods as a failsafe or as a primary option if aesthetics is secondary to

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Font Hosting Services – worth their weight?

As discussed in a previous article, there are webfont services delivering optimised fonts to browsers through custom CSS. The service part of the agreement means that they host the font, the CSS part evokes the deal on the receiving end. This has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Unlike some open-source providers sporting appropriated

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using google fonts as a free font alternative

Google Fonts – the path of least resistance

As discussed in a previous blog article; Google Fonts is the alternative for those who do not wish to pay for fonts yet still want some attractive typographical options with their content. Like most technical services there are a few considerations and limitations to ponder upon before deciding to spend time playing around with Google.

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Self-Hosting Fonts – sounds like work!

As discussed in a previous article, self-hosting fonts basically allows you a higher level of control over font delivery. The font options available are of high quality and what’s more you are not relying on someone else’s service to make your fonts available 24-7. This option is probably a more involved process than other methods,

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True Fonts for the Web: a typographical paradox

Modern day web has progressed beyond the typographically illiterate age of the ten or so cross-compatible fonts. Today, terms like ‘web-based-font’ and ‘font-fails’ need be of little concern to the modern day content creator. Web fonts have advanced, underwritten by processes, technologies and platforms which offer a dizzying array of options. In most cases, a

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