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Photoshop Tutorial: Rusted Text Effect

In this adobe Photoshop tutorial we will see a grunge rusted text effect which can be used to display old rusted surfaces with text embedded on them, like old ships, castles etc. We will be using a free font downloaded from the www.actionfonts.com website. Step 1: Create a new file. Create a new file with

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Photoshop tutorial: Text carved on stone effect

In this adobe photoshop tutorial we will create a carved effect on stone or metallic surface. This effect is great for displaying quotes or messages, also images carved on walls. We will be using free fonts available on www.actionfonts.com for our tutorial, and you can find a good variety of free and creative fonts there.

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Photoshop Tutorial: Plastic embossed effect artwork

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial we will create an embossed artwork effect usually used for creating stickers and wall art for kids in their rooms. For this tutorial we will be requiring a free font from the www.actionfonts.com website. Step 1: Create background. Create a new file with the following settings, and fill the background with

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Photoshop Tutorial: Science fiction title effect

In this Adobe Photoshop Tutorial we will see the science fiction effect we see in games and intros of movies. We will create a title screen for an imaginary fiction series called “Photon Rays”. We will use a free fonts from www.actionfonts.com website.  For this tutorial we will use a free font called “Illegal Curves”

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Photoshop Tutorial: liquid text effect

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial we will create a realistic 3d liquid filled text effect, which can be used in posters or as graphic design elements. For this tutorial we will use a free font download from our actionfonts.com website. Follow this link to download the WaterPark font. Since we are creating a liquid effect we will

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Photoshop Tutorial: Western image cut out effect

In this tutorial we will see the effect of creating an image cut out within text to give a very unique and interesting effect. It looks dynamic and can be used in various ways to create a dramatic effect. Lets get started! For this tutorial you will require an image for the background on which

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Photoshop Tutorial: Metallic text effect

In this tutorial we will see how to make a steel plate, or plaque with golden letters embossed on it. The tutorial is divided in two parts, firstly the steel plaque, on which the letters (using free fonts from ActionFonts.com) will be placed, and secondly the actual letters. If you have an image of a

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Photoshop Tutorial – Sketch text effect

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a sketch like effect on paper. Let’s get started. For this tutorial we will require a paper background on which we will create a sketched look. You can use any font for this tutorial, however we have used a free font called “boris black bloxx” from

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Photoshop Tutorial – Text Effects using the Blur filter

In this tutorial, we will see four creative text effects created using the variants of the “Blur” Tool. The process of applying blur filters is really simple and easy and can be combined with other filters as well. Note that the first four steps will be the same for all the effects. Let us begin.

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