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Photoshop Tutorial: Metallic text effect

In this tutorial we will see how to make a steel plate, or plaque with golden letters embossed on it. The tutorial is divided in two parts, firstly the steel plaque, on which the letters (using free fonts from ActionFonts.com) will be placed, and secondly the actual letters. If you have an image of a plaque or any other photograph on which you want to place the letters, go right ahead and skip the first section.

Step 1: Create new document.

Create a new document with the settings displayed below. And fill it with a neutral gray.


Step 2: Make a shape layer

Create a new layer. Then select the rectangular marquee tool and create a rectangular shape with a gray close to the metallic shade you are looking for.


Step 3: Create bevel and emboss

Double click on the new shape layer, and select Bevel and Emboss effect from the layer style options, with the following settings.


Step 4: Add Noise

Next we will add noise to the layer by going up to Filter->Noise->Add noise and use the following settings.


Step 5: Add motion blur

We will now add motion blur to this layer by going up to Filters->Blur->Motion blur and use the following settings. Adding this will give the layer the brushed metal look. You can crop the layer from all sides if they are looking blurred out.


Step 6: Add clouds effect.

Create a new layer by going up to Layer->New Layer and place it on top of the current layer. Now make a selection of the rectangle, then go up to Filters->Render->Clouds. Make sure that we have a dark foreground and a white background. Now select the layer and change blending mode to overlay to give the plaque an old faded effect.

Step 7: Add Text layer

For this tutorial we have selected the “Black Castle” font available free on the main www.actionfonts.com website

Place the text in the center of the image. Give it a darker gold metallic colour.

Step 8: Add effects to the text

Select the text layer, double click on it to enter the blending mode options, and select the following effects with their corresponding values given below. This will add depth and volume to the text.

Drop shadow


Bevel and Emboss






Gradient overlay


So there you go. We have now created a silver plaque with golden metallic text to go on top of it.


You can experiment with the different parameters of height and depth of the emboss effect to generate interesting results. We can also use different fonts which give unique effects altogether. Here are a few. .

photoshop-tutorial-gold-text-step-8c photoshop-tutorial-gold-text-step-8

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