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Photoshop Tutorial: Science fiction title effect

In this Adobe Photoshop Tutorial we will see the science fiction effect we see in games and intros of movies. We will create a title screen for an imaginary fiction series called “Photon Rays”.

We will use a free fonts from www.actionfonts.com website.  For this tutorial we will use a free font called “Illegal Curves” which can be downloaded here http://www.actionfonts.com/details/IllegalCurves

Step 1: Create new document.

Create a new document with the settings displayed below.


Step 2: Fill Gradient


Select a dark blue color in the foreground and press “G” which will select the gradient tool. Next create a linear gradient from top to bottom.

Step 3: Add Text Layer


Press “T” to activate the type tool and Click on the file to enter your text. We will keep the text white for now. Right Click and select “Rasterise Layer”. Now add a little perspective by selecting the text layer, pressing “Ctrl+T” to enter the transform mode, right click and select “perspective” and drag the lower control point outwards.


Step 4: Duplicate and add layer effects.

Now duplicate the text layer. Select the layer on top, right-click and select “Blending Options”. We will give it a stroke with the following settings.


Step 5: Remove layer fill.


Next select the layer and reduce the layer fill to zero. This will create an outline stroke which will be visible when you select the layer and offset it a little from the bottom layer. Then select the original text layer and reduce the opacity to make it translucent.

Step 6: Crete new gradient layer.


Create a new layer and fill it with the same dark blue gradient, however this time use the “Radial Gradient tool” and the “foreground to transparent” option. Place the layer on top of the original text layer. Now change blending mode of the layer to “Overlay”.


Step 7: Add glow.


Now right click on the original text layer, select “Blending options” and outer glow. Select a light blue or teal colour and click on ok. Next decrease the layer fill of this layer to zero.

Step 8: Duplicate original layer.

Duplicate the original text layer, which now has the outer glow effect, and double-click on the layer effect name “Outer Glow” in the layers panel, to enter the outer glow options. Now select a warm colour like orange. Then change the layer opacity to 35%, and drag the layer under all the other text layers.


Step 9: Add difference clouds.


Create a new layer, fill it with white, and go up to the filter menu->Difference Clouds. Now change the blending mode to “Soft Light” to get the noise effect.


We are done!


You can also use a starfield background on the artwork to create a surreal effect. Similar effects are generally used in creating si-fi themed titles and artwork. However you can go crazy with your own settings and applications. Show us what you have made..

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