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Photoshop Tutorial: Western image cut out effect

In this tutorial we will see the effect of creating an image cut out within text to give a very unique and interesting effect. It looks dynamic and can be used in various ways to create a dramatic effect.

Lets get started!

For this tutorial you will require an image for the background on which we will place the text. And a free font called Wild Rodeo available on www.actionfonts.com

However you can chose your own image and fonts to your liking. A bold font will create a better effect.

Step 1: Open image file.

Start photoshop and open the image file by going up to File->Open and select the image file by navigating to its location.


Step 2: Duplicate the layer.

Duplicate the image layer by either Right-clicking on the layer and selecting Duplicate layer, or select the layer and go up to Layer->Duplicate layer


Step 3: Create new layer with black fill.


Create a new layer by either clicking on the bottom right of the layers panel, or going up to Layer->New Layer. Fill this layer with black by going up to Edit->Fill and use black as the fill colour.

Step 4: Create text layer.


Create a text layer by selecting the type tool and clicking on the image. Select a bold font, with a font size that fills most of the area of the image.

Step 5: Arrange layer order.


Now we need to drag both the text layer and the layer filled with black in between the two original image layers, so that the order looks exactly like this.

Step 6: Create Clipping mask.


Select the topmost layer with the duplicated image, right-click and select the “Create clipping mask” option. This will create a cut out of the image from within the text itself and reveal the image below. You can now select the move tool and move the image below to your liking. Alternately you can even select the text layer, and adjust its position as well.

Step 7: Add layer style


Double click on the text layer and in the layer styles menu select “inner shadow” and set the following parameters. This will add depth to our cut-out.


Alternately you could even make the background white, instead of black and give a “drop shadow” in the layer styles menu to get this effect.


So this way you can create a very dynamic effect for headings of articles or artwork in which you can place the image directly in the heading, thus saving space while creating a very interesting effect. You can even create the same effect with shapes created with the selection tools and filled with a colour. Show us what you have come up with.

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