African fonts

If you’re searching for the perfect typeface for a tribal project, look no further than these decorative African fonts! With the use of rough letters, geometrical shapes and tribal imagery, designers who inspire to bring a flare of African culture into their pieces may struggle to find a typography style that fits. Inspired by the vibrant heritage of Africa, the fonts in this collection are perfect for cards, posters, book covers, and logos. You may even find a great tattoo font below.

Half of the unique designs below are made up of African-style lettering, embodying the true meaning of a strong, traditional typeface. The other half are intricate illustrations, using geometric shapes and patterns to visually represent the cultural heritage of Africa. These illustrations are perfect for complementing your vibrate tribal designs. Simply download your chosen font and open up Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to begin the descent into African culture!

Africain font by Manfred Klein
African Style font by imagex
African Eggs font by House of Lime
Abbild font by Vladimir  Nikolic
African Ornaments One font by Dixie's Delights
Haus Ethnik Dingbats font by Baynham Goredema
Futurafrica font by Matias Romero
Out of Africa font by House of Lime
African Design font by House of Lime
Bonni Africa font by Font Bureau
Africa font by Vladimir  Nikolic
African font by Allen R. Walden
KG Tribeca Stamp font by Kimberly Geswein