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image of the official Arial font

Arial is a sans-serif typeface created in 1982 by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders for Monotype Imaging. Owing much of its structure to the Helvetica font, Arial has gained widespread popularity and is one of the most commonly used fonts today. The font-family is expansive, there are x9 in total … including variants such as Arial Narrow, Arial Black, and italicized and bold versions, providing considerable flexibility in typographic pairing. Its clean lines and uniform stroke make it suitable for corporate communications, digital platforms, and print materials, reinforcing its ubiquity in both professional and casual contexts. Available in TTF and OTF formats, Arial’s optimized kerning and broad weight range make it a reliable choice for graphic and web designers seeking readability and versatility.

Click on the downlink button below to score yourself a free copy of the Arial font family (x9 fonts in total are included in this download package).

  • Font Name: Arial
  • Font Type: Free (included with all PC Windows computers)
  • Format:¬†TTF (True Type Font)
  • Total Files Included: 9 (Regular, black, bold italic, bold, italic, narrow bold italic, narrow bold, narrow italic, narrow)


Arial font generator

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