Armani font

image of the official Armani font

The name of the official Armani font as see in the logo lettering for this iconic Italian fashion brand, is a typeface by the name of Italian Didot. The design for this font can be attributed to the well respected font author Bob Alonso, and was first published via his BA Graphics font foundry in 1994.

An alternative to this a free font by the name of Bodini XT which was created by Manfred Klein. This is an almost exact replica of the lettering style used in the original Armani font. If you’re trying to create an image that has the same look and feel as the Armani Exchange font or perhaps even the Giorgio Armani font that you don’t have to pay for, then the Bodini XT typeface will be a suitable option.

Below is a preview image of this font, so you can guage how it will look like in your finished design project:

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Armani font generator

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