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The Baby Shark font is a typeface that is very appropriately named Shark Party. The listed font author is Spoonflower who is well known within the typographic community as being the producer of many classic comic-style fonts. The Shark Party typeface comes available as a True Type Font (TTF) and Open Type Format (OTF) making it fully compatible with all pc and mac computers. It also comes packaged with some cute SVG shark and sealife inspired images that you cuse together with this font in your graphic design projects.

This font is a near exact replica of the lettering that was used in the original Baby Shark logo and wordmark. The letter "A" is particularly cute as it closely mimics the shape and form of a shark fin. Using this this font file you can create a realistic interpretation that you can use to create t-shirts, posters, logos, and even on your own personal website.

Download this cute and cuddly Baby Shark font for free below by clicking on the link:

Download the Baby Shark font

About Baby Shark

A family of colorful singing sharks might seem an unlikely theme for a hit children's song, but Baby Shark's popularity is undeniable: As of 2021, the viral children's music video has amassed over 8.3 billion views on YouTube, becoming the platform's most-viewed video. Originally an old campfire song, South Korean education company Pinkfong adapted the tune into a Baby Shark music video uploaded to YouTube in 2015, and the rest is internet history. Building on this popularity, you can even find a Baby Shark cereal line by Kellog's in stores today, and the song has appeared in musicals and films.

Baby Shark Font Generator Tool

If you're kids love the Baby Shark song and dance as much as we do, then they are certainly also going to love to use our Baby Shark Font Generator tool. Using this app below you can create unique and interesting designs and images for use in posters, t-shirts, mugs, art projects, or even websites. You're only limited by your imagination for what you go with this this cool font.