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The font used in the Baby Shark logo is not currently available for download.

The best option that we could find is to head over to Esty and search for Baby Shark there. We were able to find numerous stores selling SVG file versions of the Baby Shark font. You can use these SVG files very similar to fonts in your favorite graphics software (e.g. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop). You can even use these Baby Shark SVG files directly in your Cricut application.

About Baby Shark

A family of colorful singing sharks might seem an unlikely theme for a hit children’s song, but Baby Shark’s popularity is undeniable: As of 2021, the viral children’s music video has amassed over 8.3 billion views on YouTube, becoming the platform’s most-viewed video. Originally an old campfire song, South Korean education company Pinkfong adapted the tune into a Baby Shark music video uploaded to YouTube in 2015, and the rest is internet history. Building on this popularity, you can even find a Baby Shark cereal line by Kellog’s in stores today, and the song has appeared in musicals and films.

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