Bell MT font

image of the official Bell MT font

Bell MT is a classic and elegant serif typeface. It was originally designed by Richard Austin in the late 18th century for the British letter foundry John Bell. Characterized by its distinct and sharp serifs, it exudes a sense of tradition and formality.

Having a refined and timeless appearance, this typeface is most commonly used in projects that evoke a sense of tradition and sophistication. This includes printed materials such as books, particularly historical or literary works, wedding invitations, diplomas, and formal event programs. Its distinguished look also makes it a preferred choice for branding luxury brands, law firms, academic institutions, and other endeavors that aim for a stately aesthetic.

The standard Bell MT font family includes a full selection of typefaces including:

  • Regular
  • Italic
  • Bold

An interesting note is that Bell MT comes preloaded on Windows computers, making it readily accessible for a wide range of users and applications.

If you need to replace the existing Bell MT font installed on your computer system, you can download the font package below. The zip file contains all x3 fonts. After downloading the zip file, extract the TTF files to the Fonts directory on your Windows pc. From there it’s just a matter or restarting your favorite graphics program (Adobe Photoshop, MS Paint, etc) and you’re all set and ready to start designing again with this classic font.


Bell MT font generator

Use our free Bell MT font generator tool below to create your own custom design logo or image. Enter your text, select a font, choose a font size, and pick your favorite colors. Hit the Generate button and your logo/image is created and ready to download.


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