Boho Font Generator

image of the official Boho Font Generator

Boho fonts are sometimes referred to as hippie-inspired fonts. The official origin of boho fonts is often disputed. One origin story says that this font style originated in the 19th century in France just after the end of the French revolution. Another says that it came about during the 60s as a hippie-inspired writing style. But no matter where this style comes from it’s hard to find a more iconic font style. Boho fonts have been seen on everything from signs and posters to invitations and even website logos. Our boho font generator tool now gives you the power to create your very own boho inspired image or graphic.

Boho Text Generator

To create your own boho logo design just use our boho text generator tool. By looking below you’ll see a few boxes. Add the text that you want in the first one, then select your boho font style, then it’s as simple as choosing your colors and font size. Select two colors, one for the background and another for the font itself. Then hit generate. Now you have your very own boho font that you designed. You can now download it and use it wherever you see fit. Our font tool is free and unlimited, so feel free to make as many different pieces as you like.


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