Burger King font

image of the official Burger King font

The Burger King font that most resembles the one used in the official logo for this well known American hamburger chain is a typeface by the name of Insaniburger. It was designed and created by a font author known as Adam Nerland.

Burger King sports a very playful logo with an array of bright colors that make it enticing for families and children to dine in. “Burger King” is displayed in all uppercase letters with a bold red color, making it easy to read from afar, but also easily identifiable. The font uses the Insaniburger typeface, a font family that uses smooth curves to balance out the sharp edges of the font. The logo also has a cute obvious detail where the “Burger King” logo involves it being sandwiched between two hamburger buns, doubling down on the Burger motif. This logo makes you think about burgers and comfort, and most of the time that’s what we look for in a fast food restaurant.

The Burger King Brand

Ranked 6th in the top 10 largest worldwide fast food chains, Burger King’s rise to the top has not been an easy climb. Founded by James McLamore and David Egerton in 1954 Miami, the two dreamed to replicate the success the McDonalds’ golden arches brought by way of franchising and fast and delicious food. Burger King’s defining characteristic in the race against McDonald’s was the introduction of dining rooms where families could enjoy their quick meals. Although their growth hasn’t had the prettiest record, Burger King still stands tall and rightfully so. Boasting an impressive 17,800+ branches worldwide, it seems that Burger King’s expansion is far from over. An interesting fact is that the Aussie version goes by a different trading name. Burger King is known as Hungry Jack’s Australia. The branding is exactly the same with identical fonts used and colours – only the brand name is different. This is because when Burger King originally tried to launch in Australia, there was already a hamburger joint registered with that trading name. Thus the only option for Burger King operations in Australia was to rebrand with a trading name not already taken, and Hungry Jack’s was the name that they went for.


Burger King font generator

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