Campbells Soup font

image of the official Campbells Soup font

The name of the font used in the original Campbell’s Soup logo is a custom designed typeface. The closest font that we could find that matches this design is Quincho Script by Mans Greback.

If you are looking to use this font for any commercial purpose, you’ll need to purchase a full license from the font author. To view full details about the commercial font option, click on the following link to head over to the font author website.

Campbell’s Soup free font alternative

If you are only using this font for personal use, then you don’t need to purchase a license. The good news is that this Quincho Script font is licensed as Free For Personal Use. You can view the full character map for this font by visiting our Quincho Script details page. If you are only intending to use this font for your own personal uses, then go ahead and download a free copy of this font by clicking on the green Download button below.

About Campbell’s Soup

One of the largest processed food companies in the US goes by the name Campbell’s Soup. The company Campbell’s Soup was founded in 1869 by Joseph A. Campbell whose product became a huge American icon when Andy Warhol started to use it in a series of Campbell Soup pop art prints. The company has grown a lot since its humble beginnings in the 1800s and now has over 19,000 employees and a revenue of over 8.691 billion dollars.


Campbells Soup font generator

Give the Quincho Script typeface a try-out below using our Campbell’s Soup font generator tool. You can use it to quickly generate an image using this font, and see if it fits your design needs. You can also modify the text size, text color, and background color, to suit your individual requirements. Then simply download the image and use it in your next webdesign project.


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