Chalkboard fonts

Wind it back to the old-school days with these fun and versatile chalkboard fonts! These chunky typefaces are perfect for invoking images of elementary days and quint cafe aesthetics. The letterings in this bold and beautiful collection are all designed to communicate something different. Whether youíre searching for a chalky serif to use for your classroom or elegant calligraphy for your bespoke business; youíre sure to find what you need below! All of these chalk lettering techniques are perfect for illustrations, signs, prints, graphic design pieces, and anywhere you need to inject some homemade goodness.

Thereís nothing quite like the feeling of grabbing chalk and gliding it onto the pavement as you mark out your hopscotch lines. With these royalty-free fonts, you can transport your viewers back in time. Sketchy serifs bring a certain characteristic to shop faces, street food stalls, and even lemonade stands. The possibilities are only as big as your imagination! Chalkboard fonts arenít only exclusive to calligraphy or hand-drawn designs. Vintage, geometric, outlined, inlined, rough, and rounded are all typefaces youíll be able to find inside this collection. You will also be able to find chalk and crayon children's illustrations below, perfect for adding that touch of personalization into your design typography pieces.

Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded font by
Matildas Back To School font by fontsandfashion
Chalk Scratches Rough Bold font by halofandi
Angry Chalk font by Jeronimo
Broken Chalk font by Magistr
Miss Chalkboard font by Darrell Flood
Chalkboard font by Adena Arviso
Chalk Board font by weknow
Chalk Paint font by Jo Costello
Chick Chalk font by Kustomtype
Orion Chalk Solid font by Allouse Studio
PW Chalk font by Peax Webdesign
Right Chalk font by imagex
Chalk Stick font by Jonathan S. Harris
Orion Chalk Scratch font by Allouse Studio
Morgan Chalk font by cove703
Callie Chalk font by Crice
High School Notebook font by Marcus Melton
Blackboard School font by Airotype Design
Chalkboard font by Vladimir  Nikolic