Chevrolet font

image of the official Chevrolet font

The name of the Chevrolet font that looks closest to the one used in the logo for this famous American car company is a typeface called Prototype. It was designed and created by the well known font author Justin Callaghan. The current version for this typeface is V2.0 and was released to the general public in February of 2001.

Prototype is a sans-serif font looks very much like the official Chevrolet logo. The Protoype font contains soft, round, clean lines just like the Chevrolet font. Most of the individual letters in this font appear to be an exact match with the Chevrolet font, however the letter R does appear to be a little bit different compared to the original.

Below is a preview image of the character map for this font, demonstrating all of the individual char glyphs as well as the different font sizes that it comes with:

You can download your very own copy of this free Prototype font by clicking on the green Download button below.

About the Chevrolet brand

Chevrolet, or Chevy, is an American car company owned by General Motors. Founded by Arthur and Louis Chevrolet in 1911, this automobile maker has a long and proud history in America, and were at one time in 1929 the best-selling car company in the United States. Chevrolet cars are now being sold worldwide, and the company contributes heavily to General Motor’s overall revenue of $122.5 billion in 2020. While Chevrolet also makes a variety of different family vehicles, they are best known for their sports cars, especially the Chevrolet Corvette.


Chevrolet font generator

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