Chinese fonts

Invoke a sense of oriental tradition with these beautiful Chinese fonts. Inspired by traditional hieroglyphic characters, the typefaces in this collection were designed to put a modern spin on classic English-Chinese lettering. Featuring calligraphy style with flowing lines and precise brush strokes, as well as geometric fonts with sharper, bolder lines. These Chinese typefaces can cover all kinds of graphic design projects such as product packaging, branding, signage, posters, and flyers. These Asian fonts truly invoke a sense of tranquility, tradition, and serenity. With the help of brush-like elements, this font collection combines the Roman alphabet with a Chinese flair.

In the 19th century, Chop Suey became a popular Chinese dish in the United States. Back then, it acted as a typographical signaling beacon, and Americans used it to identify Chinese restaurants. In modern times, this particular font family has developed to be much more visually appealing, with a wide range of Chinese fonts available to us today. Inject a sense of liveliness into your designs, with fonts that connect the dots between traditional Chinese lettering and contemporary graffiti, and handwritten typeface. Many of the designs below support Chinese and mandarin, so if youíre searching for authentic Asian culture, youíre sure to find a font that fits you below.

Manga font by Pixel Sagas
Asie font by Fontage