Circus fonts

Circus fonts are a great way to add a sense of fun, happiness, and laughter to your typography designs. Clowns, high-flying trapeze acts, magicians who pull rabbits out of their magic hats, the sweet taste of cotton candy, and fierce lions: all elements that elicit nostalgic memories of the circus. Just like a magical night at the festival, these typefaces combine mysterious colors and light effects into their designs. The decorative fonts in this collection are perfect for children's books, logos, flyers, and banners. This collection of bright and happy fonts add a modern twist to a classical design.

This typeface originated in the 19th century, right when the circus was rising to fame in the world of entertainment. These festive shows needed a way to catch the attention of potential customers, so designers came up with the circus poster we all know and love today. The designers back then made these posters using woodcut blocks, re-using these blocks time and time again to save money. Thatís the reason why circus fonts gained such a distinctive name. Later down the line, these woodcut-type posters transformed into a far more illustrative design. All of the fonts below will look great in any retro graphics, paired with worn textures to recreate that vintage feel.

Big Top font by Shamrock
Circus and Fair font by Woodcutter
Big Top font by Jonathan S. Harris
Circusia font by Typotopia Studio
Carnival font by Richard William Mueller
Circus Ornate font by Dieter Steffmann
Circus Party font by Xerographer Fonts
Circus font by Dan Roseman
Midsummer Circus font by Skyhaven Fonts
Hell Circus font by Woodcutter
Carnivalee Freakshow font by Christopher Hansen
Creepy Circus font by Omar Mogollón-Alagunna
Henry Rodeo Circus font by
Guest Circus Paradiso font by Chequered Ink
Circus Manerus font by Woodcutter
Electric Circus font by Des Gomez
The Circus Show font by PutraCetol Studio
Three Ring Circus font by Stork
Circusant font by Vladimir  Nikolic
Carnival Centenary font by Chequered Ink