Classy fonts

Classy fonts are a typeface that oozes elegance, formality, and luxury as soon as you lay your eyes upon it. These elegant scripts are usually calligraphy pieces, designed as a handwritten typeface to add a personal touch to any of your graphic needs. Whether youíve been tasked to make some chic wedding invitations, looking to add a high-class stamp on your restaurant menu, or simply wish to reach a certain formality, all of the letterings in this collection have a luxurious feel to them. Perfect for posters, invitations, cards, flyers, websites, and menus.

The classical true type fonts in this collection can be divided into many subcategories including serif and script. Serif typefaces usually feature sophisticated, traditional, and refined design pieces. The serif fonts look wonderful on a website as a large body of text, adding a touch of sophistication. Script fonts derive from calligraphy, therefore they are elegant and functional, used mainly for smaller details as opposed to large bodies of text. These posh and classy fonts are a hard design to replicate, and they arenít easily replaced by some other common script. All the fonts below are made to put a posh spin on an otherwise plain piece of text.

Stylish Calligraphy font by Misti's Fonts
Stay Classy SLDT font by Solidtype
Classyday font by Balpirick Studio
Vaughan Handstylish font by Deerhead Studio
Brilliant Classy font by ReyreyBlue
Its Classy font by Indra Gunawan
Summer Stylish font by Colllab Studio
Stylish Classy font by Azetype Studio
Classy Beautiful font by Nirmana Visual
Classy Beautiful Sans font by Nirmana Visual
Standing Classy font by Haksen Studio
The Classy Dots font by Johannes Westphal
Stylish Marker font by Pedro Teixeira Foundry
Bold   Stylish Calligraphy font by Misti's Fonts
Stylish Charm font by Snipescientist
Stylish Script font by Masinong Studio
Magical Stylish Script font by Fontsgood
Janda Stylish Script font by Kimberly Geswein
Janda Stylish Monogram font by Kimberly Geswein