Coachella font

image of the official Coachella font

The name of the font that looks most like the one used in the official Coachella logo isĀ ChellaType by the renowned font author Jimmy Lesondak.

Chellatype is a free font in the handwritten style. It has a whimsical and free-spirited feeling about it, which makes it the ideal font style to portray the annual Coachella music festival.

Grab your own copy of this free Chellatype font by clicking on the green Download button below. You can get a feel for what this font will look like on your system by checking out the following ChellaType font preview:

About Coachella

If you are into rock, pop, indie, hip hop, or electronic dance music, then you’ll no doubt be grabbing tickets to the next Coachella music festival. Coachella is the largest and most profitable music festival in the US. The festival is held in Indio, California within the Colorado Desert. Coachella held its first festival in October 1999 but since then, it has held almost every festival in the month of April. Coachella has won the Top Festival Award 7 times.


Coachella font generator

If you prefer not to download this free Coachella font, you can make use of our Coachella font generator tool below. It's quite simple to use, you just enter your desired text, select your size / font color / background color, and then hit the Generate button to create your very own Coachella images. From there, you simply Right Click on the image that is generated, and select the Download option to save it to your local computer. Then are then free to use it in an web design or graphic design project that you want. Enjoy !


Coachella font In Use

Listed below are a few examples of the Coachella font in use demonstrating different lettering, logo color and style variations:

image of coachella-logo-lettering-1.jpg
image of coachella-logo-lettering-2.jpg
image of coachella-logo-lettering-3.jpg
image of coachella-logo-lettering-4.jpg

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