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Did you know that comic fonts have a long history with the earliest known example of recorded comedy dates all the way back to 425 BCE when The Acharnians, a comic drama created by Aristophanes, was believed to have been written. This pioneered a path pathway for hundreds of stand-up comedians like Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Lenny Brooks and George Carlin, and a raft of famous comic books like Justice League of America, Batman, Beano and Captain America to entertain the masses. Our Comic Font Generator helps designers to create images or logos that are quirky, animated and artistic. You can also check out our full collection of free comic style fonts here. So why not use our free tool and be your own creative superhero?

Comic Text Generator

With our handy Comic Font Logo Generator, creating your very own image is super quick and simple and can be made within seconds. That said there are several variations in terms of font size, font color and background color for you to experiment with, so don't be afraid to take your time. To use it, simply enter your text into the relevant field then selected the different typefaces you want. Once you have decided on the perfect one for your needs just hit the 'Generate' button then you are good to go!


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