Comic fonts

Download these free comic fonts if you are looking for a fun, marvellous, all-action superhero font to juice up your designs. Whether you need a design to match a web-slinger, a shape-shifter, a tele-porter, or even a super-villain, we have the ideal font for you. Perfect for all of your super-human creative projects, from comic-strips and anime to manga and science fiction. These amazing free typefaces will add a whole load of super-hero sparkle to your work.

To get started using your new font, simply click the download button to the right of your favourite design, and the galaxy is your oyster! All fonts are completely free, compatible with both PC and Mac and can be used in a variety of graphics programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Gimp, Paintshop Pro, and Zara Designer. With hundreds of comic fonts to choose from, the power is in your hands. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

Action Comics font by imagex
Komika Axis font by Vigilante Typeface Corporation
Adventure Magazine font by Woodcutter
Otaku Rant Bold font by Press Gang Studios
Anime Ace BB font by Blambot
ACME Secret Agent font by Blambot
Aamunkoi font by junkohanhero
Badaboom BB font by Blambot
Acids font by Leonard Posavec -
Adam Warren font by Press Gang Studios
Obelix Pro font by Valentin Antonov
As Cute As Comic font by Steve Gardner
KG Summer Storm font by Kimberly Geswein
Dirty Duo font by Press Gang Studios
Superpowers font by Geronimo
Fawn Script font by Vic Fieger
Comic Neue Sans ID font by Dominique Idiart
Happy Markers font by Joseph Dawson
Suplexmentary Comic NC font by Jayvee Enaguas
Shaped Corner font by Tosca Digital