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As it says in its name, the Comic Sans font is inspired by comic book lettering and designed by Vincent Connare for Microsoft Corporation. This sans-serif casual script typeface gives off a relaxed tone because of its simplicity and is extremely easy to read whether in small or large font sizes. Comic Sans is widely used in schools and, interestingly, is suitable for dyslexic students. Use this font now for your documents and projects using our Comic Sans Font Generator! Just choose which color you want your text to be, select a background color and font size, click generate, and enjoy your own Comic Sans font however you like!

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Need some help to come up with a fantastic logo design of your own? Whether it be for stickers, graphics or posters our Comic Sans logo generator tool below is the perfect thing to use! First of all, it is entirely free, so will not cost you a cent to use. Secondly, it is a very easy tool to use as well. All you need to do is select your font, size and colour. Once you have done that, you then add in the text you require before hitting the 'Generate' button. This will create the image for you, which you can then download onto your pc or mac, just by right clicking your mouse. Once you've saved it, feel free to use it how you want.


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For some strange reason, not everyone is a fan of this font. We've often wondered ourselves why do people hate comic sans so much? When used appropriately, this font can actually look good - I am not kidding LOL. If you are wondering why is comic sans hated, then perhaps you can take a look at these exceptional creations below - all designed and created using none other than Comic Sans MS. Feel free to download and use these images wherever you want. (all we ask in return is that you cite this page as the source of where you obtained it from). Enjoy!

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