Condensed fonts

Condensed fonts are a narrow typeface, featuring letters placed together closer than normal. While many people think that tighter spaces only cause your text to appear cramped and crowded; that actually couldn’t be further from the truth! Once you know how to place these big and bold letters correctly, your message will turn from something rather lackluster into a design piece with stunning impact. These tight characters are perfect for portraying bold and powerful messages, great for website headers, banners, flyers, posters, logos, and many more. While it is better to avoid using narrow serifs for large bodies of text, when it comes to large headlines and titles, they work wonders.

A narrow typeface features a range of characters with small widths, but it can also refer to fonts with taller characters too. The tighter spacing is quite similar to kerning, which refers to the space between a pair of letters. These thick and narrow scripts will allow you to transform your design into a more attractive, attention-grabbing piece. The condensed fonts in this collection can be split into a few subcategories: script, calligraphy, and even pixel. With the use of straight, thick, thin, geometric, and bold lines, these letterings can truly transform your typography pieces.

Aracne Ultra Condensed font by Antipixel
Aposiopesis Condensed font by Onyx Font Foundry
Aracne Condensed font by Antipixel
Avenir Condensed Hand font by Jon Grafton
Copperhead Condensed font by Kustomtype
FHA Condensed French NC font by Fontry
Fest Condensed font by Calvina Clvr
Cogswell Condensed font by Quzma Supply Co. |
FFF Agent condensed font by Fonts For Flash
K22 Ambelyn Condensed font by Toto
Emka Sans Condensed font by Manfred Klein
Better Together Condensed font by Katsia Jazwinska
Dinski Casual Condensed font by stnclknkl
Typewriter Condensed font by Volker Busse - F25 Digital Typeface Design
Ultra Condensed Sans Serif font by Manfred Klein
BusMatrix Condensed font by Studio Dot by dot
Blox Condensed font by Avery Brown
Tomato Round Condensed font by
Winterthur Condensed font by Manfred Klein
Domino Mask Condensed font by Iconian Fonts