Corbel font

image of the official Corbel font

Here you can grab yourself a free copy of the refreshing and streamlined Corbel font. A prominent figure in the sans-serif font family, Corbel artfully captures contemporary aesthetics, blending simplicity with functionality. Its open design and clean lines are a delight for web designers, typographers, and everyday enthusiasts who seek clarity and modern appeal in their projects.

The roots of Corbel trace back to the early 2000s, when Jeremy Tankard embarked on a mission to design it for Microsoft’s ClearType font collection. A key objective? Ensuring crisp readability on digital screens, particularly with ClearType technology in the spotlight. Corbel stands out with its characteristic open counters and tall x-height, lending it an airy and contemporary vibe. Its True Type Font (TTF) incarnation promises users hassle-free compatibility on the full spectrum of Windows PCs and Mac devices.

The Corbel font family includes the following x6 style and weight variants (note: all of these included in the download zip file below)

  • Regular
  • Bold Italic
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Light Italic
  • Light

Users of the Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems will likely recognize Corbel. It’s an integral facet of the system’s default font ensemble, effortlessly catering to diverse design narratives, from subtle body text to attention-grabbing headlines. This font is fully compatibile with both PC and Mac computer systems. Drop the font into your system font directory (c:windows/fonts on MS Windows), and it’s immediately available to use in your software editing program of choice. (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)

Enticed by Corbel’s sleek demeanor? Dive into the download arena below and enrich your design palette. Just a gentle reminder, this gem is crafted for personal endeavors alone.


Corbel font generator

Use our free Corbel font generator tool below to create your own custom design logo or image. Enter your text, select a font, choose a font size, and pick your favorite colors. Hit the Generate button and your logo/image is created and ready to download.


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