Courier New font

image of the official Courier New font

Courier New is a monospaced serif typeface designed by Howard “Bud” Kettler in 1955. Created for IBM’s typewriters, it has uniform spacing between glyphs, making each character occupy the same horizontal space. The font-family is known for its use in coding environments and textual data representation, offering high legibility. Commonly seen in screenplays and code editors, Courier New is favored for its clarity and fixed-pitch characteristics.

Below you can download a copy of the Courier New font, to use in all of your personal designs. It is available as a TTF font, which means that it is fully compatible with both PC and Mac computers.

  • Font Name: Courier New
  • License: Personal Use Only.
  • Font Type: Free
  • Format: TTF (True Type Font)
  • Total Files Included: 4 (regular, bold, italic, bold italic)


Courier New font generator

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