Cuphead font

image of the official Cuphead font

The font that is most similar to to the one used in the Cuphead logo is a typeface by the name of Alegreya Sans SC Bold. It was designed and created by Huerta Tipografica.

This font is an almost exact replica of the original Cuphead logo design. To recreate your very own version of the Cuphead logo we suggest that you first start off with the Alegreya Sans SC font, and then modify the resultant image as required. Alegreya is quite similar to the Cuphead logo image in many respects. If you are looking for a fun and whimsical typeface to use in your design projects, then this font is a good choice.

To grab a free copy of this typeface, all you need to do is to click on the green Download button below, it will download immediately to your computer ready for you to use.

About Cuphead

Cuphead is a unique video game which combines the nostalgic art-style of 1930s cartoons with unforgivingly difficult side-scrolling action gameplay. While the game has a familiar structure, where players repeatedly fight through several levels of enemies before facing a boss fight, it won praise for its immersive atmosphere crafted through use of old-style cartoon animations paired with a vintage soundtrack. Developed by small independent video game maker Studio MDHR, which was founded in 2013 by two brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, Cuphead found incredible commercial success for an indie game, with sales of over six million copies as of 2020.


Cuphead font generator

Our text tool below makes it easy to create your own Cuphead inspired logo or design. Choose your inputs (text, font size, font color, background color) and then press Generate. Your image is instantly created and available for you to download (right-click + save) and use in any design project.


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