Cursive fonts

Designed to mimic the authentic style of handwritten penmanship, these cursive fonts join together to create something that almost flows off the page. These beautiful script typefaces have existed for hundreds of years and date back to the 18th century when people still wrote manuscripts with a quill and ink! These fancy yet functional styles are perfect to use for invitations, cards, illustrations, decorations, and just about anywhere where you need that personal touch.

When this unique font category is replicated in a digital format, they are designed to mimic the lightweight style, that purposely carries “imperfections” and visible brush strokes. This is the reason cursive font is fitting when searching for an authentic touch. Add a sense of sophistication and style to your design. This font may not be your actual handwriting, but it certainly invokes the feeling!

Italian Cursive  16th c font by Flight of the Dragon
5th Grade Cursive font by Lee Batchelor
Helve Cursive font by Toto
American Cursive font by minty stegosaurus
Gourdie Cursive font by Mouser Fonts
Chancery Cursive font by Digital Graphic Labs
Black Pink Cursive font by axelzonestudio
Branum Cursive font by Ben Branum
Tengwar Cursive font by Harri Perälä
JB Cursive 3 font by JBFoundry
JB Cursive font by JBFoundry
Slightly Cursive Characters font by Emosche
Ani Beatrice Cursive font by Barbara Nixon
Jackie K Cursive font by Jackie Barabash
Just Coles Cursive font by Cole Huckabee
Jacob Cursive font by Jacob O'Connor
Cedarville Pnkfun1 Cursive font by Kimberly Geswein
Clara Lee Cursive font by Hamelton Media
Sortdecai Cursive Wild Script font by Swistblnk
Shelby Cursive font by Shelby Porter