Absolut Pro font

Absolut Pro is a free font that was designed and created by a font author known as ingoFonts.

preview image of the Absolut Pro font

This font is part of the Sans Serif category on our website. It comes with a font license that is listed as being Free for personal use. This page has been viewed 60 times, and the font file itself has been downloaded 6 times in total. Displayed below is the full character map for the Absolut Pro font. It demonstrates all of the Lowercase, Uppercase, Numeric, and Special Character glyphs that can be used.

image of Absolut Pro  font character map

The author of this free typeface has provided the following font preview:

image of the Absolut Pro font in use

The author of this particular font has provided the following notes: The modern sans serif - reduced to the essentials: pure type. ABSOLUT is a modern sans serif without compromise. For example, n in Absolut is formed with just one stroke whereas in typefaces developed from writing, two strokes are united to form one character. ABSOLUT does without such "complications." The break with tradition is stretched even further: The character styles have been changed, especially noticeable on t, but r and f require a double take, too. We are already accustomed to these styles in advertising. But here's what's new: a text type which dares to take this pioneer step into the modern age. At ingoFonts all fonts can be downloaded. Gratis. Free. Here's the catch: The files offered here to download contain only a reduced font. That means, the font only consists of uppercase and lowercase from A to Z or rather, a to z. The complete font including numerals, umlauts, punctuation and especially ligatures is only available with your order and your cash.