F25 Blackletter Typewriter font

F25 Blackletter Typewriter is a free font that was designed and created by a font author known as Volker Busse - F25 Digital Typeface Design.

preview image of the F25 Blackletter Typewriter font

This font is part of the Typewriter category on our website. It comes with a font license that is listed as being Free for personal use. This page has been viewed 48 times, and the font file itself has been downloaded 8 times in total. Displayed below is the full character map for the F25 Blackletter Typewriter font. It demonstrates all of the Lowercase, Uppercase, Numeric, and Special Character glyphs that can be used.

image of F25 Blackletter Typewriter  font character map

The author of this free typeface has provided the following font preview:

image of the F25 Blackletter Typewriter font in use

The author of this particular font has provided the following notes: German 'Schwabacher Fraktur' Typewriter Font. In Germany there was a high circulation of Black Letter fonts before WWII. Based on this fact Typewriters were also equipped with Black Letter fonts, monospaced. Not common typewriters, but special ones, you saw every now and then. Because of German Black Letter typefaces are always associated with Nazi Germany, typewriters with Black Letter monospaced fonts are practically lost today. To rescue the odd - due to the fact, that Black Letter fonts with their different wide characters are rather inapplicable - typeface of a monospaced Black Letter typewriter font we created a digital computer font. Please note: In Black Letter typeface, there are two sorts of 's'. A 'long' version and a 'round' version (as at the end of 'Handgloves'). Please use the $ key for the round s. In German typesetting, the round s must always be used at the end of a syllable or a word, otherwise the long s must be used. Some keys are occupied from ligatures: ' } ' = > ligature st ' [ ' = > ligature ch ' ] ' = > ligature tz ' { ' = > ligature ck Free for private use. Please note the terms of a license for commercial use at http://www.f25.cc