Distorted fonts

Distorted fonts is a collection of wicked disjointed, contorted, and disfigured fonts which are the perfect choice for all of your cool punk projects. With a wide range of warped, bent, and misshaped designs, invoking the underground street art and skate scenes, you will be certain to find the perfect font to match your creative and free-thinking style. These disorientating fonts look great on t-shirts, band stickers, school posters, and party flyers. This extensive assembly of Distorted-Fonts is completely free to download and use. To get rolling with your awesome new grungy typography, simply select download next to your preferred design and install it on your computer. All fonts are compatible with both Mac and PC computers. Once installed you will be able to use these fonts with any modern graphics applications, making them the perfect choice if you are into producing cool and cutting edge designs.
Action font by Xerographer Fonts
Action of the Time New font by Galdino Otten
A Stitch Plus Nine font by Jonathan S. Harris
A Box For font by junkohanhero
Chinese Rocks font by Typodermic Fonts
Basic Scratch font by Xerographer Fonts
Docteur Atomic font by Jonathan Paquette
Keetano ATL My Gangsta font by Keetano ATL My Gangsta
Distortion Dos Analogue font by Chequered Ink
Tarkista Tiedot font by junkohanhero
Assassins Dub font by DJ Odyssey
Punk Rock Rummage Sale font by Pennyzine
Salt Pet Non Eroded font by Galdino Otten
City Life font by Janice Faucher
Porky's font by Fontalicious
Babalusa Cut font by deFharo
Beer Goggles font by Anthony Robinson
Cosmical Disfase font by Jesús Sandoval Tapia
SF Junk Culture font by ShyFonts
Escombros font by Fantasía