Dotted Font Generator

image of the official Dotted Font Generator

Creating unique and interesting dotty-styled graphics, images and logos is easy with free online dotted font generator tool. These fun and whimsical dotted typefaces are very popular with kids and adults alike. Children can use dotted fonts to help aid in learning how to write. Adults tend to use these font-families as a part of larger projects. Whether it’s used in artistic creations, comic book text, or even online text boxes, dotted fonts can be found in more places than you might think. Dotted fonts have never been easier to create thanks to our dotted logo generator tool. Creating dotted fonts by hand can be a real pain, luckily we have the internet now which makes things much easier. Give the tool below a try, it’s free and easy to use even for novice designers.

Dotted Text Generator

It doesn’t cost anything to use our dotted letter generator tool. There’s also no limit to how many times you can use it, so you can make as many different pieces as you desire. To create your own font simply follow these instructions. Input the text that you’d like to turn into a dotted font in the box below. Choose two colors, one for the background and another for the font. Pick your preferred font style and font size and then just hit generate. Once your font has been generated it’s ready to be downloaded and used wherever you like.


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