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The name of the font used in the Fallout video game logo is Overseer. This font was created by the typographic design team at Pixel Sagas.

It comes with a full set of uppercase and lower case characters that exactly matches the typeface used in the original Fallout video game series. Most importantly, the letter O in the Overseer font file is a design flourish which matches the unique lightning bolt graphic that we see in the Fallout logo. You can check out the full details of this free font by clicking here. To grab your free copy, click on the Download button below:

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About the Fallout video game

Bethesda studiosí Fallout franchise has a long history for a video games series: The first Fallout game was released in 1997, and to date there have been 4 mainline Fallout games today along with 2 spin-offs, the latest one being Fallout 76 which was released in 2018. All of the Fallout games are set in a post-Apocalyptic version of the US, where nuclear warfare has long since reduced the environment to a dangerous wasteland ruled by different factions. Fallout remains one of the most popular video game franchises today, with 2015ís Fallout 4 seeing sales of over 13 million units.

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