Family Guy font

image of the official Family Guy font

The font which looks most like the Family Guy font is a typeface of the same name that is simply called Family Guy.

It is a sans-serif font, that has a cartoon look and feel to it. It has a dark drop shadow, which gives a fun appeal which is perfectly aligned to the animated cartoon series. The uppercase and lowercase characters of this fun are a near exact replica of the original typeface used on the Family Guy logo lettering.

The show pokes fun at pretty much everything in society, nothing is safe from the Family Guy writing team! From politicians to singers, athletes, and comics. Thanks to all of their publicity, the Family Guy font has become easily recognizable all over the world. This larger than life typeface stands out with its big bold lettering and the iconic tv dotting the letter i. Family Guy has made fun of literally everyone you can think of, including themselves! Thanks to the roaring success of the tv series, Family Guy has released video games, inspired various spin-offs, and just like every other tv show out there, merchandise!

About the Family Guy typeface

Family Guy is a cartoon tv series that doesn’t like to shy away from controversy. Created by comedic genius Seth MacFarlane, this animated tv show has a whopping 33 seasons containing 389 episodes. This TV show has a rather bizarre accolade that the creators like to hold high. It’s been canceled twice! Family Guy is based around an “average” American family, the Griffins. The head of the house, Peter gets into all sorts of shenanigans with his friend and family. The show also has a talking baby and a talking dog, so what’s not to like!


Family Guy font generator

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