FedEx font

image of the official FedEx font

The FedEx font that is used in the official logo for the famous American parcel delivery serice is a serif typeface by the name of Futura. It was designed and created by the very well respected font author known as Paul Renner and was first released way back in 1927.

FedEx font branding

FedEx began in 1984 when it acquired Gelco, a previous courier company in Europe and Asia, and established operations in China and Japan. The company continued to grow, beginning weekly flights between the U.S. and Narita. FedEx then bought an airline, providing FedEx with flying rights to over 20 countries, including Australia and South Korea. Now FedEx serves more than 220 countries and territories and continues to offer various products and services around the globe. FedEx’s air shipping services have made its central hub at Memphis International Airport the busiest cargo airport in the world by 2020.

Typography elements used in the FedEx logo

In terms of its design, FedEx’s logo is distinct, incorporating the color purple for the background and the colors white and orange for the text. The text has both capitals and lowercase letters, highlighting the breaks between the shortened words, which are also represented by the separation of colors for the words “Fed” and “Ex”. This design encourages a sense of fun and serenity through the use of bubble-like elements, striking the appropriate balance between seriousness and fun. It has a Sans Serif style, which has the advantage of not looking elegant and curving off each letter.

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