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The name of the font used in the Finding Nemo movie is a typeface by the name of Findet Nemo. It was designed and created by Jens R. Ziehn.

The license for this font is Free For Personal Use, which means that you can use it for any non-commercial purpose. The font file includes a full suite of uppercase, lowercase, and number glyphs. You will find that it's an almost exact replica of the very same typeface that was used in the original Hollywood movie. It also includes some really nice fish flourishes on many of the different characters. To download your own copy, click on the green Download button that you find presented below:

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About Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo has brought 100 minutes of underwater adventures to children and adults around the world since it was released in 2003. This American computer-animated film stars some familiar voices such as Albert Brooks (as Marlin, Nemo’s dad), Ellen DeGeneres (as Dory), and Alexander Gould (as Nemo). The film follows Marlin as he sets out with Dory to find his son Nemo. Finding Nemo grossed 871.0 million dollars worldwide and holds the title of the 12th highest-grossing animated film.

The movie has become immensely popular since it was first released, especially with younger audiences. A little known fact is that it is the best-selling DVD title of all time, with over 45 million copies sold worldwide. Furthermore, until just recently it held the title as the most popular G-rated movie of all time. Such is the wide ranging popularity of this movie, that the Finding Nemo font is well known and loved by families and children all over the world.

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