Ford font

image of the official Ford font

The Ford font that is used in the official logo for this well known American automobile manufacturer is a custom typeface by the name of Ford Script. It was designed and created by the advertising and design team in-house at Ford motor company themselves.

Ford Motor Company’s logo consists of a copyrighted serif typeface by the name of Ford Script situated within the company’s iconic blue oval. The Ford Script is as old as the company itself, created by Ford’s own design team for early prototypes of the logo. The script is unique and smooth with minimal corners, making it easy to remember and easy on the eyes. What’s more iconic is the blue oval, which was first produced in 1927 but only became widespread in 1976. Sporting a royal blue and white colorway, this logo is fantastic and easy to read. It also helps that this logo and colorway is easily identifiable even from far away. If you see the blue oval, you think Ford.

About the Ford Motor Company brand

The Ford Motor Company is one of the most well-known automobile companies in the world, boasting over 60 million cars sold annually worldwide. Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, Ford became a household name when innovations in mass-production and engineering met the high demand for automobiles at the time. During a time when automobiles were scarce and difficult to manufacture, Henry Ford stepped up and standardized the production methods used. It is no overstatement to say that without Ford, the world would have been way behind on automobiles and even general manufacturing. Notable vehicles include the Ford F-Series Truck, the Ford Escort, the Ford Model T, and many others.


Ford font generator

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