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The font that was used for the Friday the 13th logo and movie poster is a typeface by the name of Friday 13. It was designed and created by the design team at Norfok Incredible Font Design in January 1997. The design of this font retains the exact same distressed marks to the vertical strokes that we see in the original movie of the same name. It contains slash marks throughout that add to the horror movie appearance for which this movie is most well known.

The author of this font has released it with a licence of "free for personal use". This means that you can use it for any non-commercial use that you would like. You can download a free copy of this font by clicking on the download button below:

font used in Friday The 13th movie poster

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About the Friday The 13th movie

Friday the 13th is an American franchise of horror films for adults, which eventually grew to include novels, comics and a television series. The first movie was released in 1980 to great commercial success, eventually grossing over $59.7 million worldwide, despite being criticized for depicting excessive and gruesome violence. The main actors starring in this movie are Betsy Palmer (Mrs. Voorhees) , Adrienne King (Alice), and Jeannine Taylor (Marcie). A total of eleven sequels followed this initial film, the latest of which released in 2009. While it has been over a decade since the last 2009 film, the franchise’s iconic characters still remain widely known in popular culture today, such as the recurring hockey-mask clad villain of the series Jason Voorhees.

Friday The 13th Font Generator

If you are looking to create an image or perhaps even use it in a poster design of your own, our Friday The 13th font generator tool will be of great assistance to you. It's both free to use, and simple to operate. Enter your text, font size, font color, and background color details in the tool below, and then select the green Generate Image button, and then VOILA ! ... your very own Friday The 13th logo / image is available for you to download. Experiment with different colors and sizes to get the exact look and feel that you are after.

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