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The name of the font used in the Frozen movie poster and logo is a typeface by the name of Ice Kingdom. It was designed and created by the font author known as Kustren.

Ice Kingdom is a near exact replica of the custom font designed that was used to create the Frozen logo. It has the same jagged edges on the font which help to give it that ragged, icy feel that was so well portrayed in the original movie. This is a freeware font, which means it's completely free for any personal use. Click on the Download button below to download the zip file to your local computer. From there, Right Click on the zip file and choose Extract All to extract the Frozen font to your computer desktop. Then right click on the font and select Install. Your Frozen font is now ready to use in any graphic design software - photoshop, illustrator, etc

font used in the Frozen movie poster logo

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About the Frozen movie

Frozen is an animated movie that was released to the American public in November of 2013. This wildly successfull movie was produced by the team at Walt Disney Animation Studios, and went on to gross over $1.3 billion dollars (USD) at the box-office globally. Such was the success of the first Frozen movie, that they went on to produce and release the follow-up sequel called Frozen II in March 2015. Princess Elsa of Arendelle and her sister Anna are the central characters of the Frozen movie. Other notable charactes include Prince Hans, Kristoff and his reindeer Sven, and Olaf the snowman.

Frozen font generator tool

You can also use our very own Frozen Font Generator tool listed below (which doesn't require you to download and install any fonts). Instead you simply enter in your desired text and colors, and then select the Generate Image button. And then ... VOILA! You now have your very own Frozen logo to use in your own design creations. It's completely free to use in any design project you like, so get started today.

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