Garfield font

image of the official Garfield font

The name of the font used in the Garfield logo is a typeface by the name of Cooper Black (Regular). The name comes from the original author of this font, Oswald Bruce Cooper.

There are two fonts included in this font family – the Regular and Italic variants. To view more details about this Garfield font, take a look here:

get the Cooper Black font

Garfield free font alternative

If you don’t want to fork out the money to pay for a professional font, there are alternative fonts that you can download for free. We’ve included both of them in the download file below. They are known as: Garfield The Cat and Garfield Regular. Both come in TTF format which means they can be quickly and easily installed on any home PC or Laptop.

Click on the link to download the fonts (both are included in a single zip download file) and get started.

About the Garfield brand and logo lettering

Garfield was first published in the national papers in 1978 as a three-panel comic strip. The fictional orange tabby who hates Mondays and loves lasagna is considered a modern pop culture icon, with several animated tv series (Garfield and Friends), live action films, video games, and even a musical in his name. Garfield holds the Guinness World record for most widely syndicated comic strip, appearing in over 2500 publications worldwide. Creator Jim Davis said he wanted to create a “good, marketable character.” The Garfield franchise earns $750 million to $1 billion annually in merchandise.


Garfield font generator

Those of us who love lasagna (from Garfields favorite restaurant - Mamma Leoni's Italian) are also going to love our Garfield Font Generator application tool below. Enter your text, choose your font and colors, and then hit the button. Your garfield the orange cat inspired font is ready for you to download and use. Enjoy!


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