Genshin Impact font

image of the official Genshin Impact font

Genshin Impact is a video game that was released in 2020 by miHoYo and co-created by Cai Haoyu. It takes players on an epic quest across the magical realm of Teyvat to find their lost sibling. The open-world action RPG explores themes of adventure and elemental magic, featuring a cast of diverse characters and extensive lore. A fun fact that I wasn’t aware of until just now, is that the game garnered immense popularity during it’s initial release, boasting millions of downloads within its first week of launch alone.

For its logo and in-game text, Genshin Impact employs a modified version of Hanyi WenHei 85W Extra Bold, designed and created by miHoYo from the original typeface by Hanyi Fonts. With its extra-bold weight and tight kerning, the typeface exudes a sense of gravity and formality, aligning perfectly with the game’s fantastical and epic ambiance. The font doesn’t delve into cursive or casual styles but remains assertive and straightforward, contributing to the game’s narrative strength and visual coherence. Also included below is typeface by the name of Genshin Impact DRIP, which is also a very close replica of the original Genshin Impact font. If you are a designer eager to replicate the Genshin Impact aesthetic, you can use this font in your preferred graphic design application (photoshop, illustrator, etc) to create your own unique graphics and images.


Genshin Impact font generator

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