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The font used in the Gilmore Girls tv series logo is a typeface by the name of Sackers Solid Antique Roman Std Regular. It was created by Monotype font foundry in April 2000. This is a fully professional font which means that it can be used for commercial purposes. It is available for purchase on the Monotype website.

There is however a free version of this font that is very similar to the original Gilmore Girls logo font. The name of this free font alternative is OPTIAmadeus Solid, created by the team at the OPTIFONT type foundry. You can download it and use it for any personal use by clicking on the green download button presented at the bottom of this page.

This Gilmore Girls font is actually a variation on the well known Time New Roman typeface but also includes some subtle variations. It presents with a formal style, yet the elongated capital "G" letters give it a slighly more casual and fun look. This appearance ties in very nicely with the two central characters of the original Gilmore Girls sitcom tv show. The version in the original tv series had a slight distortion applied, as can be seen in the images below. In 2016 there was a 4 part Netflix event released on November 25, which included a logo that was cleaner and more crisp than the previous version.

About the Gilmore Girls tv series

Gilmore Girls is a popular American television series created by Amy Sherman-Palladino that first aired on the WB Television Network on October 05, 2000 right through till 2007. It centers on the main characters Lorelai Gilmore (played by Lauren Graham) and her daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel). Their story begins in a fictional county named Stars Hollow, Connecticut, where they'll meet individuals with colorful personalities. Each episode explores family values, self-empowerment, and overcoming difficulties in life. In 2016, Gilmore Girls was included in Time Magazines' 100 greatest shows of all time. Also in 2016, a miniseries was released on Netflix which was titled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. This served as a wrap-up for the tv series, and was well received by tv critics and fans of the tv show alike.

Font Details

  • Name: Gilmore Girls
  • Author: OPTIFONT
  • License: Free for Personal Use

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