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The font used in the Godzilla movie poster is called Compacta. It was designed by Fred Lambert and published by the ITC font foundry in January 2000.

This style of this font is tall and powerful. The elongated individual characters give it a powerful presence which aligns perfectly with the awesome mythical power of the Godzilla creature itself. This font is perfect for any Godzilla inspired image, or indeed any other design application requiring a strong and powerful appearance. Click on the button below to download a copy:

original font used in Godzilla logo and movie posters

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About Godzilla

The original 1954 Japanese film Godzilla introduced the fire-breathing dinosaur monster to a global audience. In Japan, the film sold almost 10 million tickets at the box office and was a huge commercial success. The film was also well received globally, and the Godzilla monster would prove so popular with audiences that a further 36 films starring the beast would be produced in addition to various novels, video games and TV series. The franchise is still alive and well today, with a new Godzilla vs Kong movie released this year.

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