Got Milk? font

image of the official Got Milk? font

The font used in the official Got Milk? logo is called Phenix American. It was designed by Morris Benton and was first published way back in December of 2001. The original font foundry is documented as being Compugraphic. There is a total of 233 glyphs contained in this font.

This style of this font is tall and slightly whimsical. It’s an elegant sans serif font style that is perfectly aligned with the milk marketing campaign for which it is best known for. It is also a highly legible font that can be clearly read from a distance, which is of course an important factor when considering a typeface for any large marketing campaign.

The Got Milk font is free for personal use, and you can get your copy below. Please note that for all other uses (such as in commercial projects), you’ll need to obtain an official license over the distributer’s website.

About the Got Milk? typeface

The Got Milk? tagline was first conceived in 1993 by advertising agency Goodby Silverstein and Partners, and was used to promote milk sales by the California Milk Processor Board. The tagline proved wildly popular, and grew to take on a life of its own, with numerous parodies and references to the phrase found on t-shirts, the internet, and TV shows including Friends and Johnny Bravo. It has been officially licensed out to promote other brands as well, for products as diverse as Barbie Dolls to kitchenware. Even today, over 90% of US residents surveyed report being aware of this tagline. The use of this font in the Got Milk? marketing campaign proved to be an excellent choice as the logo has become instantly recognisable to anyone who has previously seen it.


Got Milk? font generator

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