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image of the official Grateful Dead font

The Grateful Dead font that is used on the album cover and official logo for the band is a typeface by the name of Storybook.

This groovy font is symbolic of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s era when the Grateful Dead album was first released. It incorporates all of the psychedelic, rounded, fat flourishes that most people would recognise from designs and fonts created during this decade known as the Swinging 60’s.

If you want to replicate an exact copy of the Grateful Dead logo to use in your own designs, then the Storybook font is for you. It comes as a truetype font file which includes the full alphabet set (i.e. uppercase and lower letters, as well as all numbers). This means that it can be easily installed on any Windows or Mac computer, and is also compatible with all design applications including of course Photoshop, Illustrator and freeware image processing options such as GIMP.

To get started, click on the green Download button below to get your free font download.

About the Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead was a California-based rock band that debuted in the mid-1960s. Active in the concert scene up until news of its disbandment in 1995, the band is credited for playing over 180 original tracks plus hundreds of covers in the course of its career, spanning three decades. Grateful Dead drew huge crowds with legendary performances during several worldwide tours. The band is included in Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, with about two dozen studio albums released.


Grateful Dead font generator

You can generate your very own logo, just like the one used on the their album cover, simply by using our Grateful Dead font generator tool. It uses the Storybook font discussed above to create an image / logo according to your selection (text, font color, background color, font size). Once you select the Generate button, your image is created and then immediately available for you to download and use however you want.


Grateful Dead font In Use

Listed below are a few examples of the Grateful Dead font in use demonstrating different lettering, logo color and style variations:

image of grateful-dead-logo-font-1.jpg
image of grateful-dead-logo-font-2.jpg
image of grateful-dead-logo-font-3.jpg
image of grateful-dead-logo-font-4.jpg

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