Happy Birthday fonts

All you need for a successful birthday party are some balloons, a cake, and the perfect birthday font! Have a happy birthday with these celebratory fonts, perfect for birthday cards, invitations, t-shirts, signs, and decorations. Treat yourself and the ones you love this birthday, with a decorative font as magical as them. The fonts in this collection were designed with personalization in mind; put a one-of-a-kind twist on your special day!

Below, you’ll be able to find an array of fonts, ranging from the classic cursive script all the way down to the handwritten fonts, made for a cheerful and homemade look. Get inspired this holiday, with a happy birthday font that is both compatible on PC and Mac computers. If you’re looking to finish off an illustration for a loved one, look no further! You’ll find everything from balloons, numbers, cakes, and candles - perfect for filling any negative spaces on your design.