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he font that is used in the Harley Quinn logo by DC Comics is a typeface by the name of Ziggurat. It features strong and bold characters that contain lettering caps and serifs. If you want to recreate this look in one of your own designs, you can download Ziggurat which comes in two font styles: Black and Black Italic.

The font that is used in the hugely successfull Batman and Harley Quinn movie logo is actually two fonts. The word "Batman" uses a font known as Mostra Nuova Heavy. Whereas, the word "Harley Quinn" uses a typeface known as Kinescope. Both of these fonts were created by the notable typography designer Mark Simonson. There is only 1 font style contained in the Kinescope font family. It's classified as a Brush Script style font, and is reminiscent of this style from the 1940's. Both of these fonts are classified as commercial fonts, which simply means that you will need to purchase Mostra Nuova Heavy or Kinescope if you want to use it in one of your design projects.

The Suicide Squad was another popular spinoff which featured Harley Quinn. In this movie, she can be seen wearing a t-shirt with the words "Daddy's Lil Monster" printed on it. The font style that is used in this font is called Jezebel by the Canada Type font foundry.

The good news is though, that there are a few free font alternatives. Below are x4 different typefaces that you can use completely free in your Harley Quinn design creations. We've bundled them up into a single zip file, so simply click on the green Download button below to grab yourself a copy of all x4 of these free Harley Quinn fonts:

About Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is a supervillainess in the DC universe and the love interest of Batman's archrival, the Joker. She is an intern psychiatrist at Gotham's Arkham Asylum, where she met the Joker, who is a patient there. Her character was created by animators Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. Unlike other DC characters, Harley Quinn started in Batman: The Animated Series on September 11, 1992. She was later adapted into comics in the 12th issue of The Batman Adventures in 1993.

Font Details

  • Name: Harley Quinn
  • Author: Mark Simonson
  • License: Free for Personal Use

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