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The Hello Kitty font that is most similar to the one used in the official logo is a typeface by the name of Janda Happy Day. It was created by the font author Kimberly Geswein and first released in 2012.

This font includes all the lovely swirls, curls and embellishments that you find in the original cat character by Yuko Shimizu. It comes in a True Type Font (TTF) format which means that it is fully compatible with all PC and Mac computers / laptops. You can use it to create letting and images in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and other image processing software.

Click on the download link below to grab a copy:

Download the Hello Kitty font

To completement this lettering font, we're also offering the Helly Kitty Woodcutter font for free download as well. This is in fact a dingbat font which includes more than 20 different HK related images. It installs just like a regular font, but instead of outputting lettering, this font produces cute Hello Kitty images (or dingbats as they're also sometimes known). We definitely recommend that you download it and use it to add some style, flair and creativity to your designs.

About Hello Kitty typeface

Hello Kitty was originally created by Japanese company Sanrio in 1974 to sell sandals, when they noticed that customers were willing to pay more for goods with cute character designs on them. From such humble beginnings, the anthropomorphic girl cat character quickly captured the hearts of consumers. Originally aimed at children and preteens, Sanrio started marketing Hello Kitty goods to adults in the 1990s, and expanded her presence to a wider range of goods. Hello Kitty goods were introduced to the United States in 1976, and today this simple design represents a global marketing franchise worth an estimated $84.5 billion.

Hello Kitty Font Generator Tool

Kawaii - cute, lovable, adorable. Whichever way you say it, our Hello Kitty Font Generator tool will surely hit the mark to help you create a stunning cat inspired logo or image. Write some text, select the font you want, choose some pretty colors, and then hit the Generate button. Your beautiful image is now ready for you to download and use in your next Kawaii project inspired by Japan's favorite cat - Hello Kitty.