Honda font

image of the official Honda font

Welcome to the Honda font! The name of the typeface which looks most like the original lettering used in the official Honda logo is a font that is simply known as Honda.

If you have a Honda vehicle or are a huge fan, you will undoubtedly enjoy this font! The clean and classic look of the Honda font makes your projects look professional and memorable. Its serif, bold letters, and sturdy features make messages visible and be clearly read even from afar, so draw attention and use this font for your headlines, announcements, logos, movie and video gaming posters, and signages. The Honda font is also suitable for book and magazine covers and presentations. Turn any personal and commercial project of yours into a hit with this one!

Grab your free copy of this cool Honda font by clicking on the download button below.

About the Honda typeface

Honda, a Japanese automobile company founded in 1946, is famous for manufacturing caliber cars and motorcycles worldwide. Founder Engineer Soichiro Honda started the concept of motorcycles when he put generator engines on bicycles. Immediately, it became a hit, resulting in Honda’s decision to develop an original engine, which was completed in 1947. Years later, a series of milestones happened: the company expanded to North America, dominated the First Isle of Man TT Races, began its first overseas production in Belgium, among others. In 1963, Honda started producing automobiles and made its first Formula 1 racing appearances in the next year.


Honda font generator

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