Hot Wheels font

image of the official Hot Wheels font

The name of the Hot Wheels font that looks alot like the letting used in the logo for this famous childrens toy manufacturer, is a typeface by the name of Heavy Heap. It was created by Ray Larabie who is a prolific and well known font designer. It has subsequently been published by the team at Typodermic Fonts.

This font is available in a TTF format and comes with a Freeware license (meaning that it is free for all personal use). Futhermore, when you download this font you’ll find that there are full suite of Uppercase and Lowercase characters, as well as Numbers and Special Characters.

Here is screenshot of the character map that I recently created for this font, showcasing all of the individual glyphs that are included:

Want to know what this typeface looks like, well here’s another image sneak peek of some of the design options that you can achieve:

Another interesting point is that the Heavy Heap typeface was created using the Macromedia Fontographer v4.1 application. To get you hands on this sweet Hot Wheels inspired font, click on the link below.

About Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels has been the brand of every child’s favorite die-cast toy since the company was founded in 1968. Nowadays, Hot Wheels does more than make die-cast toys, as they also make scale models of their toy cars which has made the company more popular to older audiences. Hot Wheels has various lines of cars including special model lines, collectors, classics, and more. And production has not slowed down since the 60s as they have made over 6 billion cars to date.


Hot Wheels font generator

If you want to road-test the Heavy Heap font before you download and install it, you can use our Hot Wheels Font Generator tool below to create a unique and custom design image. Choose your text, font, and colors, and the click the Generate button. After that, you’re free to download your custom-designed Hot Wheels logo image and use it in your own web design or graphics projects.


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