I Love New York font

image of the official I Love New York font

The I Love New York font that is used in the official logo for this well known advertising campaign is a typeface by the name of ITC American Typewriter. It was designed and created by a font author called Tony Stan.

Milton Glaser, a graphic designer, sketched the logo on scrap paper in the back of a taxi in 1976 using red crayons. The I Love New York logo has two levels. Above the letters “NY,” which stand for New York, is the letter “I” and a striking red heart in place of the word “Love.” A rounded slab serif typeface American Typewriter is an eye-catching font used for the wordmark’s all-caps letters. It has distinct, slightly rounded, and confidently strong lines. The logo’s classic black, red, and white color scheme exudes strength, vitality, and warmth while making it look sleek and fashionable. This iconic and timeless emblem is considered one of the world’s most influential and stylish cities.

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About the I Love New York brand

I Love New York (stylized I ❤ NY) serves as the foundation for an advertising campaign that has been created and used since 1977 to boost and strengthen tourism to the state of New York, which include New York City. The New York State Department of Economic Development owns the trademark for the logo, which can be seen on brochures and in souvenir shops all over the state. “I Love New York” is the official state slogan of New York.

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